About Us

Diaperchange.us is a website dedicated to listing child friendly business locations. We are a small team of technologists passionate about solving problems for parents. Frustrated by the lack of information on the web regarding baby and child-friendly businesses, we decided to build our own database of child friendly locations.

Throughout developing Diaperchange.us, we noticed there were a number of problems with existing directories for parents on the web. Current directories of local businesses and locations rarely have the information parents need. Parents have disposable income also but have limitations on where they can spend it (restaurants, entertainment, and other venues need to be child-friendly). Existing products lack specific information on “child-friendliness” (e.g. are the hallways wide enough for a stroller?) Parents are forced into a cumbersome process to manually research every potential destination before they can even step out of the house. It’s not easy for parents to share helpful information with each other as most web communities for parents are fragmented. Parents collaborate all the time but often in a fragmented, unscalable manner. More importantly, there is no centralized location for parent-specific reviews and suggestions on public locations.

Diaperchange.us is an attempt to solve some of these foregoing problems. We believe we are the web’s largest directory of publicly available locations with diaper changing stations. Our aim is to build a suite of products for modern, connected parents that provide services and information designed to enhance life experiences with their children and to become a “one-stop destination” for parents looking for the best available, curated information for public locations and their “child-friendliness.” We are a centralized community for parents to share and review public locations about the features they care about – similar to a “Yelp for Parents.”

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